You are a beautiful bride. Are we right? Well, if not, I am pretty sure, you are one of the few Corset Collectors in this Universe. I did not guess who you are because I know only aesthetic people admire the skilful creativity behind a Couture work.
You must be preferring a calm and relaxed environment as it happens with most of us in this genre. You know that you do love a casual approach to life and the art that comes with it. Of course, you would be the one who’s excited, joyful and encourages everyone around. You love to dress like Royalty!
So, what’s the need to fill the world with such art filled beautiful things? This might be a question for others, but you do understand it.
It’s you who have shed light on the fact that wearing and owning a Royal Panther Atelier makes you feel special. The secret behind every one that you have has a beautiful feminine touch. The touch that every unique piece of hand-crafted couture can mean for you.


Its been eight years since Svitlana Ahrbeck has been creating couture corsetry and unique bridal wears. Svitlana try to design the most beautiful heirloom garments woven with the most suited fabric to adore them even better.
Svitlana Ahrbeck – designer and owner of the Royal Panther Atelier :

” Fashion is my absolutely passion! Seeing the most beautiful version of ‘You’ is what inspires all my work.My name is Svitlana or just Lana(short part of me 🙂 ) I’m Ukrainian, Ukrainian language is my first language, English is my second language, I’m improve it day-by-day 🙂 After my University graduation I came to fashion industry to start my work in one small atelier in the capital of the Ukraine – Kiev. I learned a lot of tricks and tips from my talented master of couture sewing techniques. And I thank her for it! I was still thinking about my own way which will give away all my passion about corsets , bridal/evening dresses and accessories. That’s when Royal Panther Atelier came into the world. Royal Panther Atelier actually can say itself-Dress like Royalty-. Feel free to browse around and drop in a line or two. I’ll would also be happy to answer your questions and accept your suggestions. Love you all!”
My diploma – it’s in Ukrainian and English too



I try to explore just one or two aesthetics each year. That is because I prefer quality and not quantity. Here’s how I kind of breakdown my atelier months in a year.
January to March – It’s the winter curated collection that has my time and attention.
April to June – Knowing my clients and their dream corsets and gowns is essential. Along with that, I start on my next curated collection. This decides how my rest of the year gets framed. Depending on a few factors like garment complexity, it’s usually 1-2 months. It’s better if you can book me six months in advance. I would definitely not want you to delay you’re wedding plans.
July to September – It’s the second half of the year and I am now onto my Summer curated collections.
October to December – The year always has to finish with a bang. So,once again I start knowing my clients and giving the very best for the year ahead. Similar to the April-June cycle, I work on the lines just to make sure that you do have a memorable corset by the year end. So, now you know that I am planned and have a routine to follow. I don’t mess with it because I never want my clients to devalue the garments you create with me. Further, my aesthetic develops constantly, as I keep exploring new ideas and so each corset , dress or accessories you have from me represents a distilled moment in time. It’s always hand-crafted. So it’s Unique, precious, personal. Never to be repeated. A reflection of both Royal Panther Atelier and yourself.


I request you to get in touch with me at least before six months of your event. Mail responses are given primarily on Tuesdays to Fridays. I also invite anyone who would love to learn and work with me, please email us with your resumer and CV letter.

Please check out what my customers have to say for Royal Panther Atelier:

— Sabrina, Flowers that fall participant, owner of Flowers:
“Oh god Lana, for a moment, I felt like my heart stopped beating – what a piece of corset! The flower looks fantastic. I am actually finding it hard to believe that she is the one that would adore me perfectly. Thank you so much..”

— Melissa Lords, ordered bridal dress and earrings:
“These 2 Royal Panther pieces of earrings makes me feel special. I have these unique ones that no other person in the world has. That is a unique and OMG thought in itself.
The Maroon one is for when I hold a secret – I can’t really explain the feeling, but you know the look a cat gives when it knows something and you don’t? It’s the same.
The Glamor Snitch is for a glamorous and more gothic surrounding. Yep! That’s my best party outfit.”
– Designer’s comment:
“Melissa’s daughter is our Intern and she has been supporting our work for a long time. The “Glamor Snitch” was the first dress we made for Melissa and then the Maroon. She loved how light reflected from the Glamor Snitch and was so excited that we had the initial discussions for her next dress on spot. It was going to be the rise of The Maroon a few months later.”

— Elena,bridal dress ordered :
“I did’nt imagine that you guys could pull off a dress that fits right amidst Oscars or maybe at the Couture Fashion Week. It’s very gorgeous. It’s my most prized possession till date. And yes! I plan to make it hereditary.As for Lana, you are a darling. Thank you so much for making me feel so wonderful. I am so happy to adore this artistic masterpiece!”

— Abigail, corsetry collector:
“This Royal Panther corset is a fabulous piece of art – It’s hard to get over its majestic view once you have seen it. Its like a persistence of vision that remains at the back of your mind. A truly top class fitting and an embellishment that leaves you stunned. Now, I know I need another one. It’s just the money that needs to be saved. But I will get another one for sure.”
– Designer’s comment:
“Abigail was an inspiration for me. Her collection of corsetry is one of the finest I have seen around. It also features our Flights and Wings patterning. It was one of the best we had ever created.”

— Vanessa,corsets and dresses order:
“Yes Lana!! ‘The Firefly’, it was sophisticated… It felt like a living embodiment of art fused in my corset. People were speechless when I described them how much work and attention you put into it… it was tooo perfect! You amazed me and my hubby. Thanks a lot for making my special day a few notches better and your mobile couture service in Australia
– Designer’s comments:
“The “Firefly” was a high neck gown of red silk georgette, with lace, beads and detailing on a firefly alike figure. The hand-rolled georgette hem was one of the toughest part where I needed extreme attention and care to detail. Vanessa should also be praised for the extreme support that she gave me.”

— Lesya,choreographer:
“This time again!! Lana left me speechless. The way you work was so detailed and inspiring. Thanks a lot dear for this new one. I couldn’t have loved it anymore!”
– Designer’s comment:
“Friend and bridal client. It so cheerful when you get to do what you do best for a person you have known for years. Making Lesya’s evening gown for “Snow Party” was an awesome experience. I learnt so much from this piece. With an in-built corsetry, the confidence this work infused in me was enriching. Thanks for giving me the chance.”

— Eleanor,owner of the Luxury women’s clothing shop:
“Svitlana – Me in that dress!! Just wow! I can’t count the compliments I got on the dress yesterday. Thanks for making me a role model and a guide to others on how to make ones big day special”
– Designer’s comment:
“When I think of Eleanor, I remember her happy tears eyes upon seeing herself in her completed corset for the very first date. Oh! And, those wonderful photos she sent me. Seeing such happiness on a girl’s face, is what we work for.”

— Lisa, bridal client’s mother:
“The detail you put in my daughter’s dress was overwhelming. I had people touching the artwork and feeling the fabric just to get a glimpse of how it might feel! Oh god Lana and all your small but so talented team. I owe you such a big thanks. You did surpass all my expectations. It’s not just a garment of a corset you created for my daughter. It’s a lifetime memory that you sewed all the way though her special day. Lots of love and luck for your achievements and work ahead.”
– Designer’s comment:
“Emma’s “Moonlight” gown was framed in such a way that we wanted the aura moving downwards up to her feet, gradually decreasing as it went down. The affection and care put in the fabric colors and flowers was done only for her alone. Overall, we wanted to make Emmie feel special. Lisa had called us before they dressing, as she wanted us to be there when Emma tried our corset dress.”

I want you to remember how special you are ,when you wearing the Royal Panther’s items every time you browse through you’re wedding photos and party snaps. Let us create another wonder, another art that can be a perfect embellishment. Thank you ALL !!!!!