Made-to-order jewellery.

Customised accessories for intelligent Ladies

All my accessories include Toho , Miyuki and Czech Republic beads, Swarovski stones and crystals,silk and other. Every creation is exclusively designed and handmade to perfect your image. For regular customer I give 15% discount! Choose from gallery your one and buy it strait away!You never will be disappointed with your choice!
All custom orders should be made through email
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choker “The Secret”



earrings “Celebrity”

choker Makov

choker “Makov”


hoop “Flower”

Swarovski pearl

Swarovski “Pearl”

handbag Poppy

handbag “Poppy”


Braclete “Lines”


Selecting the Best Accessories to Get The Perfect Image

Any woman needs the right accessories to accentuate their dress and to complete their elegant look when they are stepping out of their home for various functions and meetings. Accessories from Australia are very popular formwomen all over the globe for tis designs, beauty and elegance. You need to select the accessories that are well suited for your dresses, skirts or corsets according to your need.

Reliable Supplier

When you are looking to buy the accessories to match with your style and fashion needs you have to opt for the best suppliers of women’s accessories in Australia. Our accessories are affordable,  exclusive and attractive, so the items offered are worth the money you are paying.

 Quality Accessories in Australia

You need to buy the best accessories that are made of quality materials and you might come across accessories made using beads from Czech Republic, Swarovski stones, crystals, etc. to suit your needs and budget.

  • You need to select exclusive designs that will enhance your image. Selecting quality accessories will make it last longer and you will be able to use it with different varieties of dresses.
  • You can get discounts if you are a regular customer or when you buy accessories in bulk.