Beaded bracelets“Lines”

I’ve made two different colours of this unique beaded bracelets to show you how pretty they are no matter in which colour. Charm bracelets can be worn on any occasions. I’ve beaded with Toho sead beads.
Purple beaded bracelet length measures 6 3/4″ in (17.1 cm) and 2 cm in width. It have 9 little 1×1 cm couplings.Mixture of three colours.

Blush beaded bracelet have measures :
length: 8″ in approx.(20,3 cm)
width: 2cm including 9 little 1×1 cm couplings.
Mixture of three colours. Very soft look…

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buy-en ♥ $138 AUD ♥Purple  

buy-en ♥ $138 AUD ♥Blush

Colours or sizes can be changed in the Order form. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to push the button at the bottom of the page. I am happy to help you!

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