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Type of necklines


How to choose correct neckline for your type of body….

Veil styles

veil style

Let’s get started…

Types of body and dresses.


The one day to feel special, luxurious and fabulous and it’s the all-in-one dress that holds you like the lovely lady in your dreams.

Modern wedding dress options


With modern wedding dress options coming in….

Fitting and appointments


How it works:…………

Why and how Haute Couture dresses and corsets became expensive….


Once your dress/corset has been accurately sketched, the same process then begins with the final fabric……

Caring for your gown after the wedding


Bridal gowns are very often delicate and care should be taken when they are being mended…….

Enhance your look by ordering corset/dress from couturier Svitlana Ahrbeck


Achieving good results helps in the fight against women’s complexes which are typically related to her external appearance, which in turn can have an effect on her career and relationships. This is further a incentive to strengthen her resolve…….

Corset: elegant solution to any problem!


Corset: elegant solution to any problem!It is important that a womans basic wardrobe is compiled correctly for her specific style.Besides comfortable sweaters, pantsuits and blouses,there should be a few special items that add charm to the her wardrobe. It can be high heels, pantyhose,and of course a variety and a good selection of corsets.These are best created using high quality materials like- silk, lace and leather.The style of wardrobe may vary,it can be frivolous or classical……

Burlesque and a bit of history……


“Magic – it’s a dream. There is nothing more beautiful than a magic show. The girls on these shows have some magic!Because what they are doing in these shows allow them to escaped the realty of their real life’s…..”