Necessary questions and answers

How to order a corset ,dress or accessories?

You choose from our Gallery of corsets your lovely corset or from Gallery of corset dresses amazing dress, maybe you’ll need unique accessory from Gallery and place your order. I will then make contact with you to obtain any additional information if required, and advise you when your item will be ready. Payment is made at the time of ordering if the item is ready or I will charges a deposit of 50% of the item’s full price ,another 50% are due before delivery of the item. On average, an item takes from 2 weeks to complete, some models however may require additional time.

Why the items are highly priced?

All corsetry and accessories are hand manufactured and tailored to the customer’s individual requirements and measurements. Only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship are used!

Can I lose weight when wearing a corset?

Possibly – because the corset is tightened at the level of your waist, it can limit the amount of food you eat. It is also important to eat the “correct” foods. It is logical that eating correctly and not overeating (which your corset can assist in), will allow you to lose weight.

Can I wear my corset for medical / injury purposes?

Absolutely no! We do not produce medical corsets! Medical corsets must be obtained through your local health care professional.

How tight should I wear my corset?

When new to wearing corsets, it is recommend to tighten to around 5-7 cm, in other cases once experienced, you could tighten up to 12-15 cm (if the contours of your body allow it)

How to care for your corset?

After wearing, hang your corset out to dry. Your corset should ONLY be dry cleaned and NEVER machine or hand washed. The Dry Cleaner should also be made aware of delicate items such as embroidery, lace etc., to ensure this is not damaged! Products made Svitlana Ahrbeck require special care. Cared for correctly, your corset, dress, skirt will serve you for a long time.

Can different combination of colors or fabrics be chosen?

Subject to availability, there may be a limited variety of colors for corsets in our collection. Please contact us with your ideas, and if we have what you want we will gladly make it up accordingly.

Do you make bridal and weddings gowns?

Yes this is one of our specialties! We can offer brides one and two piece corseted dresses, under gown corsets and even honeymoon corsets.Please, make contact with us if you are interested.

Do you have a catalog that can be sent out?

No.Our catalog is only on-line and updated on our web site. Please come back often for look to updates on our new items and styles.

Can I provide you with a specific fabric I would like to use?

Preferably not,as all our  fabrics have been specifically chosen by our designer to ensure you obtain only the best quality items!

Can garter straps be attached to the corset?

Yes, depending on the style of the corset, suspenders may be added for a minimal fee.

What methods payment do you accept?

We prefer PayPal to process orders. PayPal allows your information to stay private and secure. You may also use a credit card or Debit Master/Visa Card, Western Union , cash.Once your oder is processed and confirmed,we will send an invoice in order for you to make payment.If you live locally you are most welcome to collect your oder. We do not share your private information.

Shipping and refunds.

We ship only using express or priority shipping with insurance, tracking, and signature. We will ship to most international locations. We cannot be held responsible for customs fees or re-routing fees imposed by foreign countries. If you are not familiar with the regulations of your customs fees or other fees please check with your customs officials prior to placing your order.By law, Royal Panther must declare all items at their full price and cannot alter this amount to decrease international custom fees.

Royal Panther is not responsible for lost or stolen packages, please be sure all your mailing information is correct upon placing your order!

Please note ! All Royal Panther items are 100% Quality controlled and checked prior to shipping! Refunds and returns are subject to faulty goods . Please be sure you are ordering what you want and what you like with correct specifications.Once your order is placed ,the balance of the order is due.

How to lace up a corset?

If you have no one to assist when you wish to wear your corset do not be disheartened, it’s not a problem. Follow the instructions below and you will succeed. General rule is not to tighten the corset too tight, especially if you do not have experience of wearing corsetry, later you will be able to make it as tight as you like, even at the beginning of the tie. There are two ways of lacing on the one solid satin ribbon (or cord), as well as a double (depending on model).

The solid band:

1. Lace corset top to bottom, alternately crossing over the cord before putting the two halves of the corset face at a distance of 10-15 cm from each other.

lace up

2. In the classic corset at the waist to keep long loops without tightening continue to lace up the bottom of the corset.

lace up1

3. Lace must be spread evenly over the entire length, but do not tighten the loops as yet. At the end of the lacing you can just tie a bow, or simply hide them in the middle of the corset.

lace up2

4. Corset ready, dress and slowly tighten alternately bottom and top, and then tie a beautiful bow and ties, or else hide the ribbon (or string) in the middle of a corset.

lace up3

Dual band:

The second method of lacing is quite simple. Included will be two bands (or cord). One tape (or cord) tighten the top to the middle of the corset, and the second from the bottom to the middle of the corset, and then tie beautiful bows.

lace up4