Beautiful under bust silky corset, which is perfectly suitable for all Ladies.We used primarily red and black 100% pure silk. The corset consist of 4 layers.In front of “Butterfly” is silver busk with 5 spikes. The edges of the corset is treated with satin ribbons and artfully beaded with Toho beads and crystals Swarovski. On the both sides of this beautiful corset are silk ties. The total length of “Butterfly” is 32cm on the front and 32 cm on the back. The length of the embroidered fringe varies from 4 to7 cm along the edge of the corset, reminding us of a butterfly flying in the air. The front length of the corset from waistline to the bottom is 15 cm, at the sides is 13cm and on the back, 16cm. This corset has 20 steel bones (from Germany). Lining is 100% cotton, black in color with reinforcing ribbon on the waist line. The three mysterious butterflies, are 4×5 cm each, hinting around about the nature of the sacrament on your corset!!
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